Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Insurance Agent?

Each member should have an Agent to help navigate the insurance plan they currently have. Without an Agent, the member has to call Customer Service and may have to wait on hold or be transferred multiple times to get the infomation they need. With the government making changes to insurance plans on a yearly basis, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest information to help explain the changes in benefits and assist with any claims.

Who is my Agent of Record (AOR)?

Normally the Agent who enrolled you into a program is your AOR. However over time things change and your AOR may quit or retire. If that is the case, then you become a House Account and must call the carrier to receive answers to your questions and concerns. By having an AOR  you won't have to wait on hold to get the answers you need.

What about other Life or Health insurance products?

We are expanding our portfolio of insurances as our company grows. However these products do take time to study, analyze and recommend. Therefore if you have a certain type of Life or Health insurance you are inquiring about, we can research it for you OR we will recommend someone who has the expertise in that field.

Can I refer my friends and family?

Yes, referrals are always welcome. We know this means our members are happy with our services AND we will pass on the same courtesies to your friends and family. However, Medicare will not allow us to reach out to your referral. Medicare considers that “cold calling” and that is not allowed. They will need to contact us first and then we can start a conversation. Thank you in advance!

How much does this service cost?

There is no fee for using our services.